Sunday, May 30, 2010

Only One Can Know the Extent of One’s Pain

The weekend was hell. I had bad chicken biryani and together with it a recurrence of my back problem. Only One Can Know the Extent of One’s Pain.

So I was writhing in pain and every few hours rushing to the loo. I have had back pain before; it has gone away by lying supine and still on the floor, looking at the ceiling, reading being impossible. So imagine me having nothing to do but look at the white ceiling and a pie of the cloud-scudding sky through the window. Never had this sort of double trouble, err, triple trouble, because the heat was trouble enough.

What with EMIs and all, can’t afford the air-conditioner. I am a firm believer that people should be one with natural climate. So, if I protect myself with an air-conditioner in Mumbai what would happen if I go to Kerala? There aren’t air-conditioners there. Besides power fails many times in my native land during the day.

Today is the third day. I am much better. This experience taught me how to suffer pain. And pray with faith. All these days I never did access the net, never red twitter updates, never answered the mobile phone except once. All I can say is: I didn’t miss much.

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ms said...

if global warming reaches the levels the scientists are predicting it will, how will us average mortals survive? save the forests and plant more trees. singapore and malaysia have turned their nations into green heavens in the past 15 years. indians will never work to save their country since they don't love it anymore.
ps: glad to know you are recovering from your troubles: drink plenty of coconut water, yoghurt and rice is the best diet.