Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging the Internet to Death about a Certain Reply to BCCI

In copywriter’s parlance, there’s a term called “flogging the copy horse to death.” With a slight alteration it can read “Blogging the internet to death.”

Hm. What? No subject to write about. Those that suggest itself as whiffs of smoke, die soon, unsubstantiated, mitigated by the heat. The warm weather makes one want to retreat into a shell, isn’t it? Some cold igloo somewhere would be ideal.

I search for subjects. Nothing registers in the heat, whatever I think about turns to heat and dust. Absolutely nothing to write tonight. Except, maybe a certain gentleman’s reply to the BCCI. (Why do they call it Board of Control, when they don’t seem to have any control. But that’s beside the point. I am meandering.) Narendra Modi’s reply to the BCCI went in four, or is it six boxes. Hm. In this country we have a fetish for long replies and reports. I think it is deliberate so that the other party has no time to read. I have drafted beautiful agreements and work orders, real masterpieces of art, and no one, absolutely no one reads them. “What’s a piece of paper?” they ask, “the longer it is the more will the opposition be intimidated.” Sort of inundating them with words, with the longest and rarest words thrown in for added effect.  

No jokes. On a serious note. I guess Narendra Modi and the other Modi have one thing in common. Can’t guess? Okay here goes, a penchant for showing off.

Says my friend Dhansukhbhai Jethalal Shah, owner of a yacht and a private jet, “Soo, soo, che ha gadbad. (What’s this commotion?) I know for a fact that next they will have a T10 and then believe it or not a T1 where the batsman will be declared out if he hits something less than a four or six.”

“Agreed, what do we call this,” I ask.


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