Monday, May 03, 2010

“Sushi” to Say “I Do”

According to this article in Mid-day Shashi and Sunanda, the pair known as "Sushi" is to wed in the Golden Palms Hotel and Spa. What's with names like "Brangelina" is that I don't know whether it is a creation of the couple themselves or is it the creative juices of the media flowing in eddying circles around the celebrities. Hm. Or are they the creation of their publicists? Don't know much about the celebrity whirl-gig but sure they look like they are in love in the pictures.

All the best!

Anyways, good for them that they still want to go ahead. As Samuel Johnson once said a second marriage (or, any marriage thereafter) is a triumph of hope over experience, so good luck and much hope.

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ms said...

what a guest list i am thinking! we wish them well. where did you see the photos?