Saturday, May 08, 2010

Comment on Why Indian Girls Wear Self-imposed Purdah

Commenting on my post on why girls go for self-imposed purdah. Ms, a constant follower of this blog (thank you, muchly, ms) comments:

"I think it is to protect their skin from dust and sun. Mostly see pillion riders covered up, female drivers even have gloves that go up way past their elbows - very audreyhepburn-ish in My Fair Lady. Some of them do brave the elements! But will begin my observation and report, sir! I was always amazed when I saw veiled women in Aus[tralia] and NZ - couldn't understand why they would still follow oppressive practices when they were living in progressive countries. the men said it was for their own protection. Believe me; they were in no danger from locals who had their own scantily clad women to ogle at! Maybe it was to protect them from their own males who were overwhelmed at the display of exposed skin."

Ms, I beg to differ on this. It could also be that we men get a complex when we see the progress women are making. There are stalkers, rapists, molesters, in our midst and every girl has some experience of dealing with such incident in her life. This country has seen the worst sort of atrocities committed against women. The purdah gives her anonymity and freedom to pursue her future. Today, though every organization has a powerful woman at the top (they may be in the shadows of their male scarecrows, but they wield considerable power) calling the shots (Indira Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Lynn deSouza, Vinita Bali [the latter two because I have met them]) men haven't come to terms with their success.

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