Monday, May 17, 2010

Start Television or World's Amazing Videos

I was like, “what?” The news had ended. Start TV was showing some mindless videos which should have gone into the slot of “World’s Amazing Videos” of some plane crash in the US. How a plane entered a house and how the shaken man had a narrow escape. Then they show simulations of the crash, the aircraft descending, the details. The presenter is ill-at-ease having to narrate things like, “Dekhiye kaise hawai jahaj gir raha hai,” in an absolutely deadpan voice, with a face as serious as that of men who have had too many. Poor chap. Must be on punishment for being a bad boy, mouthing this bad television lines. I felt like telling him, “Smile, you are on television.”


A few minutes ago the channel reported that Maoists had killed 40 people travelling on a bus. What a come down after that! I thought they would hunt down some specialists, some experts and have a discussion. No, nothing of that sort happened on our teevee.

Hm. Our television needs, very much needs stock footage bought from foreign channels to sustain it. Our programming guys must be a moronic lot, to have to do that when there are thousands of experts, former army men, politicians in the making, all just waiting, waiting, for (an opportunity like) this.

What is wrong? Eh? Is our electronic media that followed every action of Kasab for television, so absolutely lost for ideas? 


ms said...

the news channels even went to kasab's village and covered one day in the life of kasab's family members, visited his mosque, school mates, training camp where he acquired his
'mumbai mayhem" skills. in our own country, we don't see the face of these murdering marauding maoists, unless roy shines the spotlight on them, they come and go taking lives by the dozens. we don't see the victims who are not in hiding, leading secretive lives. we are told in great detail about michelle obama's conversation with mrs sarkozy about the latter's royal visit. we are "phorenphiles" - anyone and anything outside our porous borders we love and adore. 100 news channels regurgitating yesterday's offerings. such is life. such is our lot.

John said...

ms, am in agreement with this. Thanks