Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Perverse Interest of the Thirst (Cola) Industry

If this year is hotter than last year, I hate to think what it would be next year. Already people are giving murderous looks inside trains. What would happen in our overcrowded trains? Fist fights? Knifings? deaths? I am too dazed to think. What will happen to our beautiful world? Will we survive?

Stop, stop, stop, being unnecessarily skittish.

And some people think global warming is not such a serious issue. They should see BBC serial “Walking with Dinosaurs” now showing on Fox History and Entertainment which is all about extinct dinosaurs and how they were wiped out. Extreme heat or cold, I am too hot and bothered to think, alle (isn’t it in Malayalam)?

Went to check out prices of air conditioners. A split air conditioner costs around 25 thousand. I don’t have that kind of money after paying my housing loan. So the best I can do is sit in my sleeve-less tee shirt and boxer shorts (as I am doing now.).

I think the thirst and cooling industry has perverse interest in global warming. Its good times for them as the money flows. Their profits go up when the temperature edges up on the dusty barometer of the met department.

Kuriachen Kuriakose, my god-fearing Marxist friend has an interesting take on this, he says, “Edo, haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘making hay while the sun shine?’. This is the same only. Multinational corporations have a perverse interest in spreading their hegemony over us by making us drink their colas. As for me I never touch them.”

“You don’t drink those burgundy liquids?”

“No. After all its this thirst industry that caused global warming in the first place with the gases they fill inside their fridges and cooling machines. They are all chloro-fluoro carbons (CFCs).”

He has a point, I must admit.

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ms said...

the mega corporations and the climate gurus have formed a deadly nexus: one, like cassandra, drums up panic by releasing info "highest temperature in 85 years!", "least rainfall in 50 years!", "river receding at 10 inches per decade!", "ocean levels to go up by 2 cms every 15 years!" etc etc while the other advertises "prices slashed on latest range of coolers/ac/fans/fridges for one month only!" or float tv ads that show the bold and the beautiful of our generation finding love and funtimes with the cola drinks. families that drink (cola) together, stay together! and what about the developers selling flats that guarantee 24 hour water and power supply? if one avoids the drinks, one is forcd to consume large quantities of "mineral water" since the tap water is no longer pure enough and it is impossible to carry our water-filter around! the day they introduce the portable water filter in india, the whole evian water industry will collapse!