Saturday, May 15, 2010

What If G**gle Winds Up?

I gave a quote to a query from a "friend" on Twitter, "What If G**gle Winds Up," or, something to that effect.

I don't remember the exact quote but what I wrote was "I would hugely disappointed." Not the exact words, I must say.

For the following reasons:

Whatever infinitesimal mark I have made is as a blogger and my blog is on a Google platform ""

All my poems are stored on my poetry blog (I have some old poems printed for a round of editing).

All my short stories are stored on my short story blog.

All my book reviews are stored on my book review blog.

All my communications are on

Most of my pictures are on

So on and so forth. All these are the property of G**gle. The last comment because I once saw a long list of websites (pages upon pages) on which I was absolutely dependent and I don't know which site or application G**gle has recently devoured.

So I really can't say. Can I?


Anonymous said...

If that happens we will be back to basics.

ms said...

it's like what god owns, god takes away! hobo says we'll be back to basics if google devours all our stuff. what? writing letters to penpals? what is the solution? store everything on usb sticks?

John said...

hobo, yes, we will then write on paper with pen.

ms, yes, that looks like a good option.