Monday, January 04, 2010

Three Idiots – a Contract Only an Idiot Would Sign

Here's the contract between Chetan Bhagat and Raju Hirani for Three Idiots which is at the centre of the controversy over the film which has Chetan claiming that he has been deprived of the proceeds of the success of the film. But reading the contract, one would feel (in fact anyone would feel) that only an idiot (a general observation, no offense, not aimed at anyone) would sign a contract that would handover all rights of his creative work to a production house without reading the fine print, which afterall is what a writer should do before signing any contract. But writers are human, in fact, more human than others, one agrees.

Writers and authors are the sole owners of their work under the Intellectual Property Act. I guess Chetan trusted the other party enough. This is a lesson for all writers to be more careful before signing and giving away their babies to any second or third person.

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ZB said...

CB was paid Just 10 lakhs....he has been grossly taken for a ride.