Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kiss and Make Up – the 3 Idiots Controversy

Here's more grist for the mill in the 3 idiots controversy. The latest celebrity to join the bandwagon to further fuel the fire is Vir Sanghvi who writes thusly on his blog. Guess everyone had his/her say now, including me. Excerpt:

"What does it cost the makers of 3 Idiots to give Chetan Bhagat his credit in the space where a writer's credit is traditionally placed in the international movie business? It would make no difference to the movie's massive box-office performance. We would not think any less of Rajkumar Hirani, a fine director with a great track record. And Aamir's reputation as the most consistently successful star of our times would remain intact."

But Chetan wants to move on and in this article he says he wants to move on and requests the director and producer of the film also to do likewise.

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ms said...

know what i think? CB will distance himself from 3+1 idiots as soon as the many flaws in the story make the headlines! gradually, it will become the screenplay writer's waterloo! the number of people who are ridiculing the ending and the delineation of characters, is growing. once the initial excitement wears off, it will join VVC's myriad efforts, which appear fabulous for the first few weeks, then cough up shortcomings, then fade into the mists of time, leaving behind vague memories of momentary perfections. e.g, 1942 LoveStory is remembered by a few for its music, one song actually! same with amirkhan's offerings. gajni for the controversy with the tamil copy of the english original, TZP for the firing of the writer and amirkhan ghostdirecting it, dilchahtahai only worked because it was farhan's movie. so, 3+1 idiots will be remembered for moitra's music, one song actually!!!