Friday, January 08, 2010

Information Overload in a Schizoid World

What we see today is an information overload. Emails, short messages, phone calls, call centre solicitations, forwarded mail of jokes and anecdotes, what not? Yes, I have checked all these this morning. I checked two email inboxes, removed a lot of spam mails, deleted a lot of redundant facebook notifications, cleaned the computer of forwards, images, replied to mail I thought was important, wrote just "hahahaha" to a friend's joke (so he knows I have seen it), etcetera, etcetera.

But have I sifted the chaff out of this harvest of information? How much of this information do I trust? How much of the information I read is fake and make believe? There used to be a time when I could trust the editorial sanctity of newspapers. Today I can't open a newspaper and believe the sanctity of what I am reading, much more, otherwise, lose my sanity over what I am reading. So, I skim the surface, looking for false notes, searching for standard phrases written by public relations people to plug their product or personality as the case may be. I can't trust the objectivity of even writers anymore. Rogues exists in all professions, I know, I know.

The world we live in is a schizophrenic, there are a lot of harassed and harried people out of make a fool out of you, and we are arrant fools to believe them. Even once. Albeit, we do believe them and buy health policies that are only partially enforceable, products that breakdown after the first month of use, gadgets that sit in a corner rotting away. Says Anthonybhai, "This world's a merry place. So, enjoy!"

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