Thursday, January 21, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

“The earth shook.” That’s the message I posted on Facebook when in the midst of a busy day, as I was standing beside a colleague’s desk, I felt a distinct tremor, the earth moving under me. The next day I scanned the papers for news of the tremor, alas, none. Then news filtered in about the catastrophe in Haiti.

I had felt the earth move several times. Once, in my childhood, the earth shook violently when I was living in the Chembur suburb of Bombai. Everyone in the building got up from their sleep, but I slept on, reason being, I am a deep sleeper. The devastation it wrought over Koyna dam was immense, I read. Then in Ahmedabad the earth shook and devastated portions of the city. The pictures show the tremendous devastation nature has wrought in Haiti. My heart goes out to Haitians.

Meanwhile, those who would like to contribute to the relief efforts can contribute to Medicins Sans Frontiere here.

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