Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Mish-Mash from a Bheja-fried Mind

Another Saturday, another round of observations, another cleansing of the spirit, another washing of linen dirtied by dust and bad odour of a city that hurtles along not knowing where it is headed. My brain is bheja (brain) fried like a sunny-side-up omelet.

I have seen municipal authorities digging up a road at one end that is being repaired at the other end. They will never learn. The very same is happening on Somani Marg.

The Azad Maidan is cordoned off for the Bombai marathon. I don't see the rationale of banning entry into public space thusly. If they want to hold marathons, let it be unhindered by bamboo barricades and tin sheets that lend it a look of a public loo.

Kuriachen Kuriakose thinks this targeting of Shashi Tharoor is a conspiracy hatched by the imperialistic forces and anti-proletariat stooges who don't know the difference between twitter and stutter (EMS Namboodiripad was a stutterer, he was asked by a reporter, "Sir, do you always stutter?". He famously replied, "Not always. Only when I speak."). He thinks twitter and facebook are evil because it spoil and misguides youth, and is the new conspiracy of the CIA and M15 to destabilize the world.


Then there is this issue, or, rather non-issue, of should India play cricket considering it lost in the finals to Sri Lanka. We win a lot of matches and then lose so disgracefully to Sri Lanka, ugh, give me a break, I can't believe this. Sri Lanka is the size of Tamil Nadu and Kerala combined and we can't win against them? What are those guys in white hitting the ball with "thwuck, thwuck" sounds at Azad Maidan doing? Really, such a shame and a disgrace. Cricketers hang your permed-haired heads and droop your swaggering shoulders.

The guy you see alongside is Ramu Pandit (name changed). He is in his twenties, works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and lives with 15 other guards like him in a small room. Kuriachen Kuriakose calls this exploitation and wants to know if this is the miracle of the new and emerging economy of India, crazily seeking superpower status.

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