Friday, January 29, 2010

IPad - Paeans and Groans!

No sooner Apple launched the iPad than a howl of protests erupted from the most unlikely quarters. The women took umbrage at a certain association it had with a certain period of their life when they feel bloated and uneasy, Fujitsu said iPad is the apple of their eye, not Apple's, and some are singing paeans saying that its nothing but a giant iphone.

Which brings me to those who are crooning its praises: this one says "iPad could be a powerful tool for corporate workers as well as field repairmen," this one says, "iPads could be valuable for doctors moving around the hospital," and this one says, "iPad-specific apps that might include a digital guitar or harp, or perhaps a DJ app or mixing program."

Cool. I for one will only believe it when I see and experience it. I guess, for a Microsoft junkie like me, an Apple product will be like an orange in the hands of a monkey (Monkeys can handle bananas better, you see.). Okay, wokey, till this monkey can get his greasy hands on an iPad, please hold your nuts and watch this space.

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