Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Opening Things

Have you tried it? I am suggesting nothing erotic or exclusive, but the simple act of opening an envelope? It sure is frustrating. Hm, I wonder. Are we an insecure people? I mean, it shows in the way we close envelopes, stapling it over and over again, taping it with cellophane tape, then again putting it in another envelope and sealing it in a similar fashion. When all this is done, we even go to the extent of sealing the gummed portion of the envelope, along the spine, with sturdy brown sealing tape, again wrapping it up several layers so that what we are parceling safely reaches its destination. Too much insecurity has made us mistrustful.

People, have you imagined the girl who receives the letter opening this packet. How she pants for a knife when she, being the home-bread, oily-haired type, doesn’t have one, how she gouges her pretty nails out trying to undo the staples, how she struggles with the layers of tape, trying to ease it without losing her avoirdupois.

Yeah, we are insecure lot, alright. We lock our houses one lock over the other, install thick grills over all the doors and windows and then install padlocks and the best locks. And still feel so insecure. No wonder thieves come with electric cutters and thick crowbars these days that can break through steel in seconds.

The Bible says, “Unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain.”

Therefore unless the postal system/courier service reaches your packet in good condition all your ministrations go in vain. You find plenty of them double locking their houses, suitcases, still their belongings get stolen. No, I am not saying you leave your doors open, or, your gates unlocked. I am asking what happened to good old policing and the right to feel protected. Or, are these outdated concept, in which case, please excuse me. I didn't realise I am growing old. The disillusionment of growing up!

Pass me the knife, I have another packet to open.

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