Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why Don’t India Win Any Medals in Olympics?

Duh! Now I know why India don't win any medals in the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth games. Some of the going on in the hallowed sanctums of Indian sports:

This guy, the hot-air of a local lawn tennis body molested a sports-enthusiastic girl and traumatized her and her family driving her to commit suicide. Here's something to chuckle about la affaire tennis . Some people never improve.

This rake, the chairman of the hockey committee openly and shamelessly asked women for sex if they wanted to be in the team. He thought he would never be found out.

This chairman, a political big wig was presiding over a committee that is to organize the commonwealth games in India and supervised the buying of toilet rolls for Rs 4000 ($ 88) each. (Must have been coated with gold dust.)

There has been concern in India about why we weren't winning any Olympic medals despite having 1.2 billion people. China wins 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze adding to a total of 100. In a poor showing India won 3 in all, that too, against all odds.

Why has India performed below standards in sports? The answer lies in another word beginning with "s", i.e., sex. Indian men think women who take to sports are all available and can be easily induced into bed with an offer of a position in the team. Right?

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