Tuesday, August 03, 2010

It’s Been Raining for the Past Month, Do You Care?

I am getting tired of this rain in Bombay. Really. It's disgusting when it rains for a month, without stop. It must be the El Nino, or, El Nina, whatever. It has been raining for the last one month and most days I return from work my shoes full of water, my trousers sticking to my legs and my rain jacket plastered to my body. The roads are a mess, there's dog shit, cow shit and human shit all over, which blends with the musty smell of cloth and makes a huge stink that hangs over everything. The slums I see on the way to work are a sorry mess. The garbage they throw in plastic bags on the rails give off a nasty smell, the trains leak, the stations leak, umbrellas leak, and everything is shabby and in shambles. In all this I wade, step carefully, slosh, hold my nose, hold my umbrella, mind my glasses, for what? For my family, for my career?

Not only Bombay the entire South India is in the grip of a bad downpour. Trains had to be terminated at Uduppi and passengers brought to Ratnagiri to continue their journey. Most of the Konkan Region is flooded. It must be taking a heavy toll on the farmers, the subsistence hand-to-mouth existers. Who cares? Do you?

After July 26, 2005 we were smug in the belief that the reason was Mithi River and sat down to point fingers and blame the authorities. Now, the Mithi is reasonably clean and what's the result? The roads in the city are flooded again. We go about as if we don't care, we bear our pains with such fortitude till it becomes an unbearable load.

But then have you thought about the global warming aspect of it? No? I am searching for some link between heavy rain and global warming which is throwing more water vapour into the air which condenses as rain. All this leading to rising ocean levels and in a few years Bombay, New York, Tokyo and other major cities (including a certain Palm in Dubai) will be under water. There's a reason for so much water pouring down causing flooding and land slide. I search and search and search and here's what I get on Wikipedia:

"Heavy Rain is an interactive drama video game developed by Quantic Dream exclusively for PlayStation 3."

That shows the world doesn't care. Do you? Yes, this is written in a foul mood with my trousers and socks wet and smelly, I can sense a gargantuan rant coming.

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Appu said...

IF care was there first there was no Global Warming.