Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Web Is Dead. Sez Who?

Actually, this is surprising. It's like the two-headed snake eating each other's head. Word from inside Wired is that in the magazine's upcoming cover story editor Chris Anderson declares that "the Web is Dead." The news comes from valleywag the sensational leak specialist in this article. At a magazine that stands for anything electronic, wired and connected, that would be close to hara-kiri.

"Anderson is expected to argue that more tightly controlled corners of the internet, especially iPad and iPhone apps, are gradually supplanting the open Web as means of publishing and online networking. The digital prognosticator isn't alone in seeing such a trend; author Jeff Jarvis has publicly fretted over the rise apps. But Anderson's story would come at an especially touchy time within his magazine, where there's been a cold war between Anderson's print division and Wired Digital, which encompasses and the community website Reddit."

Whatever their internal squabbles are, guys, guys, guys, don't write obits for the web which is alive and proliferating, ask Mark Zuckerberger.

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