Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cheap HabiHuts for Rs 1,15,000. Interested?

When the recession drove Eldon and Bruce Leep, father and son contractors, who built high-end tony apartments for the rich and famous, they launched on a novel idea of making homes for $ 20 a square foot.  Excerpt from the New York Times article:

“Such homes are basically shells to which owners can add baths and kitchens if they wish; some may even have lofts and high ceilings. Typically, the houses can be assembled with little labor in a few hours.

“The HabiHut weighs about 400 pounds, packs down to a 4-foot-by-8-foot crate, and costs $2,500 (1,15,000), which includes shipping with bulk orders. It can be assembled in an hour or two with just a screwdriver, will last up to 15 years, and can be combined with other HabiHuts as a family expands or other needs arise.”

Indian need HabiHuts badly as we are prone to natural calamities such as the landslide in the north, the Tsunami and sundry other calamities.  Anyone interested?

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