Sunday, August 08, 2010

Am I Blogging Too Much?

Am I going too fast? Blogging too much? I guess (and hope) not. Reason is I am not getting many comments or likes. Amitabh gets around 300 for every post, so does Shobhaa. But they are celebrities with their own halos to protect their own issues to clarify. Amitabh does connect well with his readers and first thing I do every morning is read his posts. As a man who has achieved so much and gone through so much I think he is very humble of heart and an upright individual. But then you can't be a blogger if you are a phony, you will run out of subjects soon.

Going by Amit Varma's rule of 10,000 hours I have done only 1500 posts so far. Assuming I devote one hour to each post, it is only 1500 hours. To reach where Amit is today (Of course, he is India's foremost blogger.) I have another 7500 hours to go. A long way, that is. Sigh!

Wish me luck.


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ms said...

hi john, i always believe in quality over quantity! but i wish you success in your efforts to clock in 10,000 hours. if you are interested, SRK tweets read like hausfrau diaries too but he is not as prolific as Mr B.