Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Way Our Citizens of the Future Communicate

I am at a cyber cafĂ© in sector 8 of Belapur, taking some prints of wifey's school question paper. Ah, how I wish I could lay my hands on them when I was in school. I and my friend Chandran even tried to bribe the watchman to let us see the question paper once. The handsome Nepali watchman – who lived in a tiny room at the back of the school – was more loyal than we thought and threatened to report us to the principal, which he never did. That was in our innocent youth.
I digress. Hm.
I am taking these prints and behind me are children, not more than five or six playing some computer game, the sort which encourages them to be violent.
"I am a terrorist," one says.
"I am a commando," another says.
"I am a US Marine."
What am I hearing? Are their parents listening?

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ms said...

someyears ago, when the lara croft, tombraider, games were launched, i was offended by the image of lara on the cd covers. some what like modesty blaise, way back in the 60s and the 70s. now i can appreciate the satire behind calling her modesty when her outfits were anything but! every game for kids is violent, it teaches them killing and attacking when they should learning about team spirit and honour, the outdoors and building up their physical fitness. i have primary school kids scribbling profanities on walls and in lifts (their handwriting and spelling errors give them away!!). even during play, they are violent and abusive. where is the censor board? shouldn't they be vetting what is sold? parents can't keep up with their kids, and computer games are an isolating hobby.