Thursday, April 29, 2010

Train Rage – What’s with Saying “Sorry”?

A thing that upset me a few days ago, has been going through a churn, it's only now I am in a position to write about it. Heard about road rage? Well, this is something close – train rage. I was a victim and took it on my unfortunate victim, who didn't expect it, for all I know.

I am in a crowded train and this smart guy with a big bulging knapsack on his back is pushing me on my bad shoulder (you know, bad posture, crouching over the keyboard, etc., has made my shoulder bad). He is a small guy but he is carrying a huge knapsack, which takes the space of two people in a narrow and crowded train compartment. When I protest the guy turns to me and says:

"This is a train. You have to get used to it."

Now, how shall I say it, this is what is wrong. I can write a book on it, but I won't. I reacted. I reacted very badly. I was shivering with the affront. I don't remember the exact words I said. For a few minutes I was the centre of attention, till my shivering was subdued, with a great force of will. If it was an apology, I would have understood. But these days, hm, nobody says sorry. "Sorry seems to be the hardest word," as Elton John sang. Who has sympathy and compassion these days? What's with saying a simple sorry for some hurt one has caused, and moving on? This is a harsh city. Typical of my train rage is the fellow commuter's obstinacy in not apologizing. A man dashes against me while walking along the sub-way at V.T. and doesn't apologise, no, not even a glance. Rage replaces affront.

We have become hard and harsh. We haven't become compassionate with more learning and knowledge. One thing about modern technology is that we have more information but not much understanding. We haven't the sensitivity to understand another's problems and needs.

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ms said...

ok, deep breath time! i am getting accustomed to general rudeness. last year, i went home for a visit, and a polite gesture from a stranger surprised me. i know comparisons are always odious, but there it is. why are we the rudest in the world? and it is not changing times, since the clock is ticking for the world too. we demand equality and polite behaviour from people when we are visiting their countries, we scream racism at every chance we get. so, accept it. why ruin your day? we step around garbage, right? so ignore these louts and carry on.