Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Minister; a Commissioner; the Online World Waits

The online world can make things move fast, well, virally. Viral is a term used for transmission of information, call it "byte", or "meme", or whatever at the speed of light. Our ancestors used sign languages when words weren't invented and thoughts were just feelings. Ahem. The study of symbols, called semiotics, deals with the transmission of information through signs. Signs and symbols were storming through the television screen on the cusp of the excitement of a well-loved game.

I have been seeing semiotics unraveling at a phantasmal speed these few days. A minister is sending his fans updates, so is his rival a commissioner. Two powerful people slugging it out in a medium, which is more like a wrestling ring than a public space. Images, symbols, words, expressions.

Such speed, such dexterity. Such damage.

In one the minister is cheerful hopeful until his shoot-from-the-mouth tweets become his nemesis. In the other the commissioner is smiling and signing autographs and showing a mobile phone featuring a live transmission of a match. The successful entrepreneur showing off his tech-savvy-ness. Announcing to the world that he has arrived. What will become of him? Don't know.

Meanwhile the online world waits with bated breath.

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