Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ajay Priyadarshi on Arundhati Roy

In defense of Arundhati Roy, Ajay Priyadarshi has written this excellent essay dripping with irony and ire. Right from the time I read GOST I have been a great admirer of Arundhati Roy. Her activism may have been a big loss to the literary world, but it has established her as the bold and fearless champion of the oppressed and dispossessed. Ajay Priyadarshi, writes engagingly, tongue-in-cheek-ily, perceptively. He writes:

"Some day some one will put a more twisted case against your foolhardy efforts. Or worst, would have shot the messenger in you, just because you have Short hairs…Mao type! And our NDTV's Barkha Dutt will report – " Arundhati Roy, a Fictional Author and a demented activist was killed in cross fire, while mediating between Indian Government and Mao guerillas (thank god I am still the queen of journalism)."

The style is engaging, rather rhetorical, a brilliant spoof I guess.

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