Monday, April 05, 2010

iPad Craze, Add iPhone and iPod, too

Here's Stephen Fry on the iPad's launch writing in Time:

"Apple's success has been founded on consumer products that address this side of us: their products make users smile as they reach forward to manipulate, touch, fondle, slide, tweak, pinch, prod and stroke."

For long I have wanted something like the iPad. Not to mention an iPhone, an iPod and a Mac. Steve Job's products have the feel of real things as the above quote shows. We touch, we fondle (don't know what that means), we slide, we tweak, we pinch, we prod, and we stroke, that's the human in us. We like to feel our products not use our thumbs over it. It is said Steve doesn't like buttons. That's why he is always dressed in polo necks.

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