Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cameron Rubbishes Hawkings’ Theory of the Plundering Malevolent Alien

I haven't seen Avatar, the movie. However, from what I have read that James Cameron has portrayed aliens as a friendly sort, just like your likable neighbor. However I also somewhat agree with what Stephen Hawkings says here. I have to admit I tried to read his "A Brief History of Time" some time ago. I remember being dazed by it after a few pages, poor me, I don't have any recollection about what it was about.
So, hm, when Hawkings says that there is life in the universe and that the aliens could be a plundering and exploiting intelligent foreigner (unlike what directors of E.T. and Avatar would have us believe), well, okay, like the Americans were to the native Indians, and that according to him we should stop seeking them out, I nod and agree. However Cameron something interesting to say in this article in mediaite which is based on an interview on MSNBC:
"I think he's (Hawking's) right on the money. They were, you know, converted to Christianity or whatever it was. And this has been our history. So why would we expect aliens be any different?"
So tongue in cheek.
Now I have read that Avatar is about a rather benevolent alien, so apparently he is defending his position, i.e., the widely-picturised and tom-tomed image of the alien as a benevolent be-horned creature with a big head. Goes to show scientists and film directors will never agree.

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ms said...

i think that aliens are more like the ones in "mars attacks!" so hilarious how they kept declaring "we come in peace" just before they annhilate the earthlings! and what of the predator-alien series? ET is most unrealistic, i don't know if you are familiar with american sitcoms like "mork and mindy" since everyone remembers only "alf" and 3rd rock from the sun, red dwarf. i think this world is full of really strange creatures, still indiscovered. i am also amazed at what plants and animals achieve in a single day of their existence. humans are so arrogant, they define intelligence in terms applicable only to them, what if plants and animals are a form of highly developed lifeforms, who don't use a communication system fathomed by people? i read a book "supernature" decades ago and to this day, i feel inferior to non-human entities, sea creatures that change gender to ensure procreation, plants and animals who change colour as defence mechanism, bird migration, life cycles of the humble mayfly and sea turtles. list goes on. there are enough species here to keep us busy for centuries. and we still portray aliens the way popular beliefs (and hollywood!) dictate.