Friday, April 09, 2010

If He Accepts Blame Why Didn't PC Resign?

It's time to play the blame game. I think India is turning out to be a beleaguered nation. Horror incidents, bombings, terror acts are coming from every side and I don't feel very safe. I don't feel safe at all about the future. When terror came across the seas we weren't prepared and when it came from within, we are busy passing the buck. For example P.C.Chidambaram has accepted the blame for the massacre of CRPF Jawans in Chhatisgarh, then why didn't he resign?

According to this article in Hindustan Times, Amiya Samanta, a former intelligence chief of West Bengal said faulty planning by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) led to the massacre of over 70 men at the hands of Maoists in Chhattisgarh.


ms said...

why should chids accept blame for the massacre? it is like blaming the transport minister for car accidents. on one hand, the naxals are being openly helped by terror organisations, we have at least 40 organisations freely operating in this country. by arming our jawans with ak-47s, etc etc, we are providing the naxals with advanced ammo when they next raid a CRPF outpost. seeing the way they have no problems gunning down their own countrymen, why should our policeforce treat them any different? the naxals are not a socialist organisation, they are occupying those areas which are rich in minerals and a big bargaining point when they buy ammo from across the border terrorists. it is not a socialist revolution, more like a separatist movement along the lines of J&K. these are the same people who had no difficulty in taking over tribal lands when the govt was setting up new townships and factories. the corruption which exists at the village and tribal level is due to the corrupt state officials. where were the naxals during the laloo reign? where were they during the lifetime of jyoti basu? mamamta and her cronies, nitish kumar and his group, what are they really doing in their respective states? in a recent cnn-ibn documentary, the jawans are asking for boots, proper uniforms, proper weapons. the basics which the naxals have been provided by their masters. we don't see the taliban troops revolting because they do not have proper equipment! even the J&K mujahadeen are not complaining. but our nation's police force, paid for by the citizens and govt budget, is ill equipped. 1.2 billion people cannot provide for the CRPF, but shadow organisations, living on the run, with no govt funding is managing quite well in disrupting a nation's economy with their violent activities.

ms said...

john, i came by this quote from an article by james fallow of The Atlantic, "The problem with cover-ups is not just that people get off scot-free. It's that the lie has to be absolute. If every dead civilian is branded an insurgent, or a terrorist, then logically you have to give a medal to the soldier who killed them - or at least a pat on the back. You certainly can't discipline him. This creates a terrible incentive structure wherein war crimes actually have to be rewarded - or else the cover-up fails."
how low would the morale of our jawans be if today they battle with the very countrymen they are trained to guard from foreign invasions? last night nitish kumar admits that state policy has to be changed to control the naxals, not just force. has his govt just woken up? what a bunch of incompetents we have running this country. "quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

ms said...

hi john, i don't know if you visit your old posts, but just read this one. makes one think that a bigger game is afoot in the hills of bihar and WB.