Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me and My Guitar

I have had a lifelong love affair with the guitar. I love the instrument. Whenever music is playing I listen for the guitar chords. But my attempts at playing it didn't bear fruit. Laziness and lack of consistency is to blame. I would practice and then give up, practice again, and give up, until I gave up altogether. I ended up with two guitars in the house, which are in a very poor and terminal stage.

So I decided to buy a new one. Seriously. Ahem. A Fender. Fender, so I assume, is the best guitar on the market. So my guitar-vendor-friend shows me a good guitar with the right tonal values and I ask:

Is it original Fender?

No, it's made in China.

Has the whole world moved to China?

No. They make decent guitars there.

They do. But what about human rights? What about sweat shops.

Friend, we live in a world of profit maximization, not human resource utilization. Most original manufacturers have outsourced their products. Fender, too.

But will I get the same quality.

You won't get the original quality, but better than the rest at a fraction of the cost.

So when an original Fender acoustic guitar costs in the region of Rs 30,000, the China-made one is available for Rs 15,000.

What about sweatshops? I ask myself. Don't we, too, live in a sweatshop economy? I answer myself.

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