Monday, December 08, 2008

You Are Doing Fine, Barkha Dutt!

Here's Shobhaa De defending Barkha Dutt in her blog. I agree. I must applaud Barkha Dutt and other TV journalists for covering the events of 26th November in spite of the heavy odds against them. There was no food, the public toilets are dirty, and there aren't the comforts we enjoy in our drawing rooms as we sit back in our comfortable armchairs and fart our significant opinions on the proceedings. True, there may have been glitches, they may have seemed a bit hysterical and the general air must have been very competitive. But did we face the bullets, did we go out at all? But let us congratulate them on a job well done against heavy odds. While you are there, also read the comments which throw up the heroism of these intrepid reporters.

Now some guy has started a group on Facebook against Barkha. Come on, how can you do it, when there's a big difference between farting in your armchair and farting while facing real AK 47 bullets. Give me a break!

So Rahul, Mahrukh, Barkha, Rajdeep, Shai, we salute you.

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