Monday, December 01, 2008

Minister: They Came to Kill 5000; We Restricted Them to 200!

Probably the most poignant question asked in the aftermath of the terror attack is "What world are we leaving for our children?" Those who have children will react to this with concern. What life are we giving them? The reason is our children are growing up in very cynical times. They don't have good role models, and their role models are models and movie stars who behave erratically, are emotionally unstable and are without responsibility. Their easily malleable minds are being corrupted by reality shows where former moles of gangsters flirt audaciously with drug addicts (now, now, don't tell me you didn't watch "Big Boss." In case you didn't, you may have watched MTV Roadies where sixteen and eighteen year-olds mouth profanities every few seconds. Yes, I counted those beeps!).

True, there are exceptions like Shahrukh Khan. (Yes he is an exception, respects elders, values tradition and family, and that may be the reason he is such a big success.) But Shahrukh Khans are an exception. Most of the stars these days have no compunctions about leaving their partners and aligning themselves with others. Aishwarya, Kareena, Monica (yes, the same), Saif, Sanjay are role models for a generation that has no scruples about what is right and what isn't. 

What sound so weird as my friend Vasudev Murthy writes in his blog are the following words of wisdom said by R.R. Patil, Maharashtra State minister for home, who is responsible for policing the state: "Small incidents like these keep happening in a big city." Small incident? My God! This is gigantic, a huge set back, and don't you dare, dear sir, call it a "small incident."

What is even more weird and takes the award for the supercalifragilistic in weirdness in the kingdom of the weird is this quote again attributed to the honourable home minister: "They came with the aim of killing 5,000, we restricted them to 200." Awesome. This man's ignorance is awesome, indeed. 

Which leads us to this other scenario: If they send terrorist with the aim of killing 2 million, and we restrict them to killing 80,000 (4 per cent) then this same minister will exult to the press: "They came to kill 2 million but we restricted them to 80,000, what? 

That takes the weirdness fact even further.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm just glad that both Patils are gone. Another thousand such resignations and we should be getting somewhere.