Monday, December 15, 2008

Deja Vu, the Sham Called Awards

I guess I have been through this before, meaning I have mentioned this on my blog before. I am a big sucker for awards functions. I like to see the stars all dolled up, all dressed up and somehwere to go, corrupting the age-old phrase a bit, I like to see their cute smiles, their careful interaction, the way they keep their eyes averted from their old flames, the way lovers sat across each other exchanging glances furtively lest the world know they are having an affair, the way the old flame batted eyelids at her lover while dancing on stage, the way the star families sat together even forming their own camps in full view of the public, the way they acted magnanimously, even if they had enough animosity in them to burn the whole auditorium down, etc. etc.

But this show took the cake, really. It was called Star Junior awards and there they were, the stars all scrubbed, made up, coiffured and smiling politely at each other. But they were tense, and acting as if tension didn't exist. I could make out from their smiles that it was faked and the smiles could become sneers and sniggers in no time, god help me!

so, it was the awards that recognised junior stars meaning the child stars right. I knew by the way the camera panned Urmila matdondkar that she was going to win an award. She was acting so cutesy, too. Poor thing hasn't had a hit movie for a long time. I loved this actress in Rangila, couple of other films I don't remember, well, they were forgettable movies too.

I knew Raju Hirani (he of "Munnabhai MBBS fame") was going to win an award the way the camera panned him. He was smiling and acting cute too, obviously, he knew too. I mean he knew too that he was going to win an award.

If the accused (I don't mean it literally) knew what the verdict was, even before the judge pronounced it, what's the meaning of having a sham award show of this type? Is it worth generating all that hype that would lead to nothing? Pretty good actors these guys are, but sometimes, during these public events, something slips and the whole raw underbelly is exposed. Not even the best compereing can hide these fact.

Yes, Urmila did win an award for the song from "Masoom" and said "The credit should go to Shekhar Kapoor, I didn't know what I was doing then, I still don't know," or something to that effect. Pardon me madam, could you be more specific?

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