Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Brave Announcer at VT; Pictures of the Terror Attack at VT

When the terrorists came calling Mr. Zende, an announcer at VT was on duty. He heard the commotion and shooting at the platform where the long-distance trains halted. He immediately warned the passengers at the local train halt to clear the platform immediately and run for their lives. The public ran for their their lives. The result: when the terrorists came the platforms of the local section was empty as you can see from pictures below. Mr. Zende has been rewarded with Rs. 1 million for his bravery which saved hundreds of lives, including some of my regular train companions (I travel by this section of the local rail network).

Hearing the announcements the terrorists started shooting at where Mr. Zende was seated. That is the window on the first floor (see the arched window with the air-conditioners to the right), the glass of which still has cracks made by the bullet. 

Below is a picture I got from a forward which shows the terrorist on the right shooting at the window where Zende was seated.

Seen below is a picture I took this morning of the window on the right (in the picture above) the granite sill of which was chipped when the bullet struck it. You can see what an impact a bullet fired from an AK 56 must have had to chip the strong granite window sill. Amazing, isn't it?


RaneForrest said...

So many such stories of bravery, compassion, empathy, humanity! It is this that'll keep Mumbaikars -- and Indians -- whole.

John said...

Hi Ajit,

Thanks for visiting and for the comment. Yes such untold stories are what keeps us going. The public is brave and have hidden strengths.