Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who Provided Food? The Ex-con Who Transformed into a Celebrity Author!

The Australia-born Gregory David Roberts who wrote his best-selling novel Shantaram seated in a corner table of Leopold's Cafe in South Mumbai, which was targeted by the terrorists on 26th November makes a fervent plea country that changed him from convicted felon to much lionized author:

'If we continue to visit the country and meet the people,' says Roberts, 'if we spend our time in the beautiful chaos and chaotic beauty, if we spend our money in the bazaars and hotels, if we buy the books by great Indian writers, listen to the music by brilliant Indian composers and musicians, marvel at the splendour of Indian dancers, watch the captivating movies, wonder at the art galleries -- in other words, if we go on opening our hearts to the best that India teaches us, the people who did this violence can never win.'More here.

This poser from friend Manish G: who fed the security forces, the journalists covering the terrorist strikes, the police? No, the restaurants were all closed, no body was nearby to prepare food. The daunting and difficult task of providing food for all the people working, screaming, dousing and directing operations at the Taj and Oberoi were none other than the enterprising Sikh community who distributed "Langar" at the sites when nobody else would have come out to help. Hat tips to these enterprising people with a heart firmly entrenched in their broad chests. I wonder why nobody reported this. Tut tut!

Meanwhile Leopold, where we go once in a while (I used to work in the area, remember?), when the haughty waiters look kindly on us, is back to business. Today at 6 p.m. there's a non-cooperation meeting at the Gateway, anyone attending?

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