Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Terrorist Likes Amitabh Movies

No I won't discuss politics here though I will mention in passing that the world was expecting Sheila Dixit to lose and she won. That's a brave woman who has done a lot more for Delhi than the leaders in Bombay has done for their city.

Ahem, how shall I say this, kind of, numbness after the attack hasn't worn off, so I along with friend and colleague Harjinder went on an exploration of the bullet marks at VT station. One bullet had pierced the indicator where train destinations are displayed, several bullet marks where Mr. Zende sat, announcing to people to run away from the terrorists, and even in the window mentioned here where the bullet had entered the glass and gone clean through to strike the wall behind. Such force, such brute force. Who drilled such hatred into you?

I don't know whom to praise or whom to criticise. I have lost my judgement. What I say here may sound like f***ing crap to cognoscenti who read this. But I will say it nevertheless. But then what shall I say about misguided people who by proxy have come from another country to take revenge for atrocities that were committed on a people unknown to them in another country. And to lose their lives in the process. It seemed this purveyor of terror is a fan of Amitabh movies and asked the prison authorities to show him Amitabh's violent genre of movies featuring so much "dishoom dishoom" and gore.

And then I see this movie on the Bachchan family on MTV about their fabulous wealth and I go , "What the shitting toad is this?" Happens he is paid Rs 115 crore to blog his thoughts and I am paid nothing and only have a pidlin $ 4 in my adsense account so far. It's another matter that he wears shoes that cost my entire roji-roti of one month. Bachchan-saab, knowing as how popular you are throughout the world (star of the millennium and all that) and a favorite of terrorists, and knowing as to how you keep a gun under your pillow, will you hire me to blog your thought for a mere one per cent of that amount. I will dutifully create whatever you want, please, sir, pleaaassseee!

Muchkundji Dubeyji, friend and small time politician says, "Hamar Hindi mein ek kahavat hai, "Pratyakshya ko praman ki aavashykta nahi" matlab "Facts don't require proof to verify it."

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