Sunday, December 07, 2008

These Politicians Are Definitely out of Touch

The churlish behaviour of Indian politicians continues. It shows how far our politicians are out of touch with the people, insulated as they are by their blandishers, babus and bodyguards. Here are some weird behaviour and words said by our leaders, “Weird,” as friend and blogger V Murthy would put it:

Margaret Alva resigns from the party because her son wasn’t given a ticket to contest in the coming elections. Lady, if your son had merit he would have got the ticket, why such petulance? After all, this so clearly shows the nepotism that your party is rife with. Why such petty mindedness? After all, you were so close to the powerful people in the party, what happened all of a sudden?

Narayan Rane is thrown out of the party for rebelling when he wasn’t made the chief minister of Maharashtra. Rane-saab, why don’t you have a little more patience? Your turn will soon come. Your case of calling politicians corrupt is like the pot calling the kettle black.

R. R. Patil raised hackles of the entire nation when he called the terror attacks “small incidents” and also said, “They came to kill 5000, we restricted them to 200.” Very wisely said. If the terrorists came with the aim of killing 1 million and managed only to kill 40,000 he would have said, “Look, do not go by my looks; I may look puny to you, but I stopped them at 40,000 with my lathi wielding skills, or they would have killed 1 million. Right?

Achuthanandan, Kerala Chief Ministers said, “Not even a dog would have visited Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s (the NSG commando who gave his life in the Taj Mahal terror operation) house.” Turns out he visited the house and thereby has inherited for himself the more or less appropriate epithet of something even less than a pie dog.

Politicians can be odd when they keep quiet and don’t open their mouths, too. Look at a usually voluble politician of Maharashtra. Not one word has come out of his flappy mouth in the general melee and confusion post-terror-attacks. The joys of silences?

When US secretary Condi Rice came calling, a politician from Tamil Nadu was seen slurping and exclaiming, “Aiyooooo, is that that riceu they get in Pondicherry and Puducherry? I likeu them very muchu, saar, soooo tasty!” Saar, please saar, it’s Condi and not Pondi.


drvynum said...

To be honest the real problem started from your generation.India was fresh at that time and you guys could have turned into diamond or a mere rock.
But u did nothing.Instead you did things for ur selfish matters.You could have joined politics at that time or could have helped INDIA in anyways rather than growing old now and posting bullshits.
You know why americans are strong.Cause their Grandfathers were strong.!!
For now the generation in INDIA is the result of selfish and weak generation above us.
Politicians are best example.They might be your class mates.You could have been there.But instead u took a life where u could lay your ass on some couch and dream about having wifes n kids.
Had it been for you people we could have gone worse.
Sometimes i feel England ruling us would have been better.Atleast a secure future was ahead us.
Grandpa,speaking shit is wat a stupid man do,and you guys really do.
If u care so fucking much about politics and INDIA why don't u join em.
And if the same question is for me.I will clear ur doubts cause i m trying myself to be IAS officer.

John said...

Hey Drv,

Come on, cool down, yaar, agreed I am a relic of the old age, but i still am fighting with whatever little talents I have to bring some perspective to the problems of this country, don't you think? I could have sunk into oblivion and done nothing, which is what most of the generation that grew up with me are doing right now.

Good luck, wold changer, may you change India in the coming generation, if it isn't too late for change, that is!