Thursday, December 04, 2008

Talking of Dress Sense

Guess I am sorry to see Shivraj Patil, home minister of India and Vilasrao Deshmuk, chief minister of Maharashtra having to resign over the incident on 26/11. They are the best dressed people of the lot of drab, bedraggled politicians that we have. Look at Pranab Mukherjee. Most of the time I see him I want to give him a comb and ask him to use it over his remaining strands of hair on his head. When told Asif Zardari has refuted his request to extradite some people enjoying Pakistani hospitality, he said, “What?” And then he ambled into the office building without saying a word. 

When I see AK (no, not to be mistaken for AK47 assault rifle) Antony, I wish to give him a lesson in public speaking. Poor chap, he comes out a bit incoherent and shy. But these are exigent times when we have to talk tough with a neighbour who has been constantly harassing us. 

Look at how Asif Zardari dresses and talks. Lord Almighty! He comes out as effective, though I think he is a bully. Most of all, I am impressed by the way Condoleeza Rice spoke yesterday. Please guys, record her speech and run it over and over again and learn a few things about delivery and how to appear calm and smart when speaking. And Obama is another thing altogether. Yes, I am going to watch his delivery and try to, at least, imitate him. Look at his posture, man, that guy is suavity and confidence personified. None of our leaders would come even close.  

My wealth enjoying brother Dhansukhbhai is a bit uncomfortable as he listens to my rant. I know why. He scratches, digs nose, spits, repeatedly shakes hands, clears his throat constantly, all of this in public. And he has an atrocious sense of dress: shirts with bold prints, eye wear in gold, shoes pointed like those of magicians and elves, are all okay with him. Ahem! I let it rest at that. 

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