Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Tired and Sleepy to Blog! Zzzzz!

Anup and Princy

I have to blog something today. Google rankings you know. I have now reached the six-figure level and have a lot of catching up to do. I am too tired and sleepy. Yet, I must blog, must blog, must blog.It rained towards evening, after a long hiatus. When it rains the drivers of those rickety contraptions that go by the name of rickshaws behave despondently, even aggressively. Kya sala eating bhav! (What man, trying to be pricey.) I was caught in a monster of a traffic jam, and whiled away the time talking to the rickshaw driver, a quite decent and polite chap from Nagpur. He says it didn't rain in his village. Shows we shouldn't stereotype a class of people, e.g., rickshaw drivers.Earlier in the day Anup, my cousin's son and Princy came to the office. They got married recently and its my regret that I couldn't attend the wedding. They actually called me on the phone and I said since you are staying in Hotel Tunga so close to my office, do come down. Anup lives and works in South Africa, where Rajan-chayan my cousin is based. I am very happy that I could meet the young couple. They were in Bombay for the visa formalities. Princy is beautiful, and I quite forgot to ask her what she studied. I will post a photo sometime later. Now I am too lazy and sleepy to do it. So, bye goodnight, blog, until tomorrow!

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