Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Housing Loan Approved!

After much running around for “no objection certificates”, umpteen copies of anything from passports to PAN cards to sales agreements, and after numberless visits to the bank, after sitting in front of bureaucrats who regurgitated and chewed cud, my housing loans has been approved. Hurrah! But I am a bit cynical instead of happy, happy.

It was a long rigmarole of visits to dingy government offices, where sometimes the computer wires lay in ugly tangled mass on the tables, and the floors were ripped apart by the exposing of the said cables. A government low-life openly and shamelessly asked for a bribe from Ronnie (What a cynical way to begin his adult life?).

That means I can start re-constructing my house in Artist Village, which being a government-constructed house was crumbling, anyway. The cement used wasn't good quality, the padlock and the hole into which it had to be inserted to lock the door wouldn't match, the wood used in doors weren't good quality, and the floor came up in powdery lumps to the touch of the broom. Corruption has eaten into every aspect of our lives that we aren’t even aware how our lives are dependent on it.

And on that cynical note, I will stop. There’s a lot to be done, so much to accomplish. My head is nodding as I write this, dear blog, been a tiring day.

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Anonymous said...


Love your blog.

Planning on visiting Artist village soon. Am suposed to meet some frends near the pond.

This being my first time there, could you plese tell me how to get there from C.B.D Belapur railway station? Isit walkable? How long woudl it take and by what route?