Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kismet Konnection, Failed to Connect?

At last I saw a Hindi movie I liked. I really liked “Kismet Konnection.” It’s not pretentious, has some of the best acting put up by some of the best actors in Bollywood, and gave me goose pimples towards the end. But the theatre was empty, and my son Ronnie informs me that the movie is not doing well. Oh, why, why does it have to be the movie I liked, why does it have to be a well-made and well-acted movie, a rare breed in India.

Yes Kismet Konnection is well made, well acted, well, well everything. I am becoming a great fan of Shahid and that girl from my home suburb, Chembur. In fact, many of my friends live near where she does, and speak of her as, “Nammude Pennu,” which means “our girl.”

May be she is plump, may be she is a bit dark, but she is a good and natural actress, one of our best. On second thought, I will say, our best. Shahid and she complement each other so well. Om Puri is so good, Boman Irani is good too, so are all the actors, none of them seem artificial and gross.

But then why do they say it is not doing well? I guess, there’s a plot to see its downfall. All those ass shaking, hip grinding movie-makers are making an attempt to run down their competitor who has done a good job.

Goes to show we Indians are a very jealous lot! “Sach much,” says my friend the nice katlik boy, Anthonybhai, “anything good, they try to dalo to the ground, men. Just like that only. They only want item numbers and one Mr. SRK.”


mathatheist said...

Hello John. I must say, I have to disagree with your review of Kismat Konnection. I thought it was a terribly directed film, with a struggling screenplay, average to bad acting and Vidya Balan needs to find new expressions. My review on

mathatheist said...

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on my poetry. :)