Thursday, July 03, 2008

Things Getting Hot at Google for for Misha?

I am a great fan of "Fake Steve Jobs" the blog run by a journalist who impersonates Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers. He once wrote that whatever Steve Jobs innovates don't have buttons because Jobs hates buttons. (That may be the reason he is always dressed in a polo neck sweater and coat. Also, iPhones don't have buttons!) Brilliant! Here's the fake Steve Jobs' spoof on the murky side of things at Google, with strong sexual undertones. Scandalous I would say.

"Better yet, they also give up the pussy, and even better better yet, they have insurance to pay for their abortions! Ah, America, you sweet blonde cheerleader whore of a country. I love you. I do. Misha, who's been here fifteen months, tells these brain-damaged whores that he's pre-IPO [pre-initial public offering of Google] and only working as an AdWords drone because it's what he loves. He's got a whole story about the glory days at Stanford [where Google was born] with Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin], working in a dorm room, eating pizza and coding all night [just to impress the Ps mentioned above]. Works every time. He's seen more 20-year-old pussy than the gynecologist at a college health clinic."

Interesting stuff! No wonder guys are dying to work at Google!

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