Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Singh Is King: Indeed!

To someone as apolitical as me, the success of the United Progressive Alliance led by the Congress Party is not something to rejoice. But I rejoiced, sort of, when the channels went crazily Bollywoodish and played “Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King,” on prime time news channel as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh shyly made the victory sign. Guess the directors of "Singh is King" paid a decent amount to get their song on prime time. To what extent wouldn't they go?

The Congress win will mean the thumbs up for the Indo-American nuclear deal. I can’t say this is a good thing because we have a dismal record of nuclear safety. Most of us are going in for nuclear safety thinking it is a cheap alternative to oil, but the ogre of nuclear waste hasn’t reared its ugly head. What would be the consequences of leaving inside our soil radio-active wastes that would take hundreds of years to become safe, is beyond my comprehension.

Why can’t we cut down on fossil fuel consumption instead?

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