Sunday, July 27, 2008

Andheri - An Area of Darkness – Part 2

As you emerge from the station you notice several things. Several attempts, apparently have been made to tile the place. Only, they were half-hearted attempts. The masons, to save money for their booze or whatever didn’t pour enough concrete to make the tiles stick. Therefore when the rain fell it washed away the concrete and the tiles came loose and were shaky and were either protruding or were taken away by the slum dwellers of the locality leaving large gaps in which he water now seeped in, accumulated. This water formed slush with a lot of dust that already was there, adding to it piles of plastic wrappers which were never swept away in the first place.

As I emerge the effluents of a septic tank (I am sure from the smell of it) greets me on a road that is always packed with rickshaws. Wonder why the rickshaws are always looking for passengers to far off places like Goregaon and Kurla and not MIDC where I have to go. While I hunt for a soft-hearted rickshaw-wala, there are buses that are trying to knock me down, reversing, forwarding into the bus depot nearby.

Confusion everywhere…!

(To be continued)

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