Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Elephant that Attacked Ganga....

The elephant that attacked Ganga.

Friend Ganga who was attacked by a wild elephant in Masinagudi wild life sanctuary, which I mentioned in this post, has at last succeeded in getting a picture of the elephant that attacked him through his photographer friend Rakesh Gupta who was in the same area and who was also attacked. Ganga swears that it's the same elephant from his looks and from the area in which Rakesh was. Luckily for him he was in a Jeep and used a telephoto lens, while Ganga was unarmed and was on foot.

Imagine being gored by such a fearsome beast. Look at his tusks, and the calloused forehead, looks as if he would kill if anyone came came near. I asked Ganga if he felt bitter that the animals he was trying to protect had attacked him.

"Nothing of that sort," he said, "even if I had held a big poster on my head with the inscription 'I am your friend, I am trying to protect you,' I would have been attacked." How noble! I am sure I would have sworn revenge instead of forgiveness.

Guess "Gangadharan" would be a good name to call the elephant as he has borne (dharan) Ganga on his tusks.

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Imagine being gored by such a fearsome beast