Sunday, July 13, 2008

Open Manholes of Bombay

This open manhole in Nerul is full of shit, as you can see.

The second one is on a busy road in Andheri East. There's no warning signs, no indication that there's an open manhole ahead. If it's flooded, anyone could be a victim.

Some time back the US consulate had issued an advisory that travelling to Bombay is unsafe during monsoon as there could be open manholes that weren’t properly cordoned off. This is the newsreport in Times of India.

To which Bombay mayor Shubha Raul had said in the You Tube video shown below that Bombay was actually safe and there was no threats from open manholes. I decided to investigate, and found three open manholes without cover or warning signs. Here they are:

Problem is we have become so compliant, so without any complaints, and so cynical that we do not take politicians’ words and examine them in the light of day.

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