Friday, May 06, 2011

Your Life Is on Surveillance by Run Keeper

Your body isn't personal anymore. There's a software called "Run Keeper" that can keep track of your daily activities and send reports and graphs about how you sleep, how you exercise, well, how you anything. Awesome isn't it? Someone said nothing is private anymore. That's why terror acts won't succeed because nothing is beyond being found out. So this is actually the middle ages with its morality taboos. Ah, we have had a fling with music and promiscuity in the Sixties and Seventies. No more. What you do is public and viewable by anyone online. Just do a search and you will find the most upsetting and obscure of your information about yourself. Hm.

Blogger Loic Le Meur tried this out and the result is as follows:

There is more data that we need to have better body analysis: what you eat (is there an app that I can just take a pic of what I eat and get a calory approx? If yes then it should also open an API and post into runkeeper!) then we need the iToilet to analyze what's coming out of our body. If I wasn't so busy and fascinated with Seesmic and LeWeb I would be working on that exciting new space, it's only a beginning. We should probably measure sex activities too. You guys should read The 4-Hour Body from my friend Tim Ferriss who reports on 10 years of experiment with his body.

iToilet is good idea. Why not have sensors in the potty which analyse your... you know what. Sh*t! Why not have one for sex activities too, or, the lack of it. After all all the entertainers in Bollywood think they should have naked girls dancing synchronously and making orgasmic hip thrusts to sell their movies.

Anthonybhai has a different take, "It's actually making the motions of orgasmic hip thrust and all, men, nothing really happens. Just make-believe, everything, yaar!

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