Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Little Analysis of My Social Media (Writing) Position

Now that I have cut down on Facebook and twitter, I find myself a stranger wandering these forbidden domains (employers have blocked them). I devote only 15 minutes to write replies to comments. I have felt a corresponding fall in the number of comments on my statuses also. Confess I am not that popular on networks. They are good media to catch up with friends, if you are the friendly and popular type. Somehow I have a feeling it hasn't worked for me. Though I have friends in countries far and wide I feel there is no sincereity in their frienships. They say "Hi" if only I say "Hi." I am amazed to find that overnight my account on has come to a standstill because I am not active there. Likewise my Orkut account. If you don't wish or write an update, they don't. They have become like modern relationships - one based on what one can grab, for grabbing's sake.

So I thought a little analysis is in order. I social media worth it in terms of the time and effort I expend on it. Is giving me return on investment, or, is it eating away time I should divert to other productive activities? We live in an age of mutiple media. The following is my social media presence as of date:

Facebook  : 1300 friends
FB Page   : 270 friends
Twitter  : 270 friends
Ryze      : 300 friends
Linked in : 300 friends
Digg      : 200 friends
Stumble   : 100 friends
orkut     : 200 friends
Feedburn  : 200 friends

Total     :3,140 friends. Not bad I suppose. There are more, which are minor networks.

I confess I am a bit of an agressive networker on these media becuase basically I was focussing on creating an audience for my writing. I have sent requests to writers and people who may be interested in writing and willingly added whoever requesed for a membership, unless the person looks like he could be trouble. I am in searth of an audience for my writing. And my writing is for the most part experimental, sort of muscle-flexing-exercises so that I could discover a voice in the middle of my musings and maybe mature as old wine. 

Is it happening? I don't know. But I will remain in this space, come what may.

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