Monday, May 23, 2011

More on the Mundu!

Continuing my saga on the Mundu. I guess, by now it is obvious that the Mundu has no competition as far expressing moods are concerned. The trouser doesn't come near it in self-expression. The various moods can only be described as multifarious. Disclaimer: all in jest, not to be taken seriously, and pliss to be kind to a writer of droll humour. I tried wearing a Mundu only on this trip to Kerala and loved it. From now on I will be a die-hard promoter of the Mundu, it's brand ambassador, so to speak.

Mundu held at both ends parted in the middle

It's (sheesh!) the husband's invitation to the wife to... you know what. Since the man wears colourful lungis (the casual version of Mundu) at home the mood is already set.

Mundu's hem held from behind while walking

This is a relaxed Malayali, taking it easy and enjoying the verdant scenery as he walks around his naturally-bless state of Kerala. There's nothing like a relaxed Malayali (I am one!), there's humour in every word, slapstick in every action (see Malayalam movies), laughter in every second (as I am now, I hope!).

Mundu worn with nothing above it.

This is the Kerala version of the Varanasi one where naked sadhus dive into the Ganga with only a loin cloth. A Malayali looks imposing with his rippling muscles, his dark well-oiled hair, and dark complexion. His skin virtually shines. Look how he just coruscates in the shine of freshly-applied coconut oil.

This is the best expression I can think of in this collection of trivia. Do comment, please!

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