Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Rainy Night Full of Thoughts, Reminiscence - Imperialist Hegemonists and All That

It rained yesterday. Nightly rain, building up tempo like a slow drum roll turning into a crescendo of sounds of chattering leaves, dripping eaves, emptying bogs, dripping lamp posts, dancing rain drops on palm fronds. Brought back a lot of memories, a flood of them, fresh as a blossomed flower, melting away the present as only monsoon memories can.

There's a freshness in the monsoon air, stirred by a lazy wind. There's also winds of tragedy. Bro-in-law's neighbour died in Dubai of a heart attack. While the Gulf is a dream for some, it's a nightmare for some. It's the season of deaths and I don't know what is responsible: globalisation or global warming.

Anothnybhai is of the view that globalisation and global warming are the same. 

"There's no difference," he says self righteously. "One is about, no? getting more and more people under the slavery of the imperialists, the other is the by-product of this imperialism. What, no, men?"

He is right. In a manner of speaking. Yes.

However, Kuriachen Kuriakose (the god-fearing Marxist) begs to differ. He is (condescendingly) uninterested in globalisation because according to him globalisation is nothing but colonisation in a different garb. According to him the result of globalisation is "betrayal of the struggle of the working class to be paid for not doing anything in exchange for their labour." According to his warped thinking the working class has a right to be paid for their leisure because of the exploitation they suffered under the hands of the bourgeoise. He is of the view that exploited call centre executives should deliberately under-perform and not meet the targets set by the hegemonist imperialists.

He is also right. 

I don't know whose side I am on.

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