Friday, May 06, 2011

Crazy Man, Nobody Is Perfect, and Touch Me!

Of all the slogans I have written about on this blog, this one stands out. A guy came to office wearing a pair jeans inscribed with these lines:

"Crazy man."

Tell me what I should say. I can't think of anything tongue in cheek for this. This is it. It is stupefying and dumb. This is something that makes me want to puke, want to grab the man by the shirt collar and haul him to a dictionary and read the meaning of "Crazy" assuming he doesn't know.Another tee-shirt reads:

"Nobody's perfect. I am nobody."

Agreed it's a smart thing to say. If you are nobody how can you be perfect?

Haven't they been overstepping the limit, the limit of decency. A girl's tee-shirt reads:

"Touch me."

Nothing wrong except that it is written across the breasts. Does she realise that this could lead to problems? In India solicitation is a criminal offense and this could (possibly) be considered as solicitation. Tee-shirt art shouldn't overstep the limits, according to this blogger.


Anonymous said...

Though right now, I am mostly in a very traditional and conservative phase, I tend to apply it more to my thinking than to others' actions.
"Touch me"
I too would most probably have been offended but the possibility exists that one could do something that spiritually touches her. Interpreting it as 'it was very touching', etc...
Girls usually want to break the perception wall that everything they do or say has a physical connotation to it, anyway.

"Nobody's perfect. I am nobody"
This is idiotic.
Nobody can be nobody. Once a body, it is somebody.

Nobody is perfect. ->relative
But ...
I am nobody -> false.

atlasshrugged said...

Few days back, i saw a girl wearing the t-shirt saying "Radio 94.5 Bajate raho".