Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kerala - Fast Route to Development

The news chief minister (designate) of Kerala says the state is on the fast route to development. How can it be? This seems like a chief minister on steroids, or, the local brew to be sure. Since I am Christian and Oommen Chandy also happens to be Christian I shouldn't say this, but what should be said should be. I believe it to be so. Most of all concerning Kerala I am in no minds. The state that churns out so many talented workers, supervisors and managers have a dismal record of fairness and development inside its own borders. The big palatial bungalows aren't built with any per capita income of their own. It's all cheque/moneyordered from abroad.

Employment generation in the state is abysmal. Next to nothing. Except for putting out so many graduates and giving them training for an year or so, the state doesn't do anything much. 

Case Study 1:

Anita is a teacher. She draws a salary of 1500 a month. She can hardly meet her commuting charges to work and back on that amount. She earns nothing. What is she to do? There aren't any jobs to be had in Kerala.

Case Study 2:

Mukesh is a welder in an automobile workshop. He needs money to try for a job in the Gulf. But he can't manage that money, which is something like Rs 50,000 and all he earns in a month is 2,500 as a welder. He is frustrated and takes to drinks. There ends his dream of going to the Gelf. His boss tells him (rather chides him) he is lucky to have a job.

Case study 3:

Prema is a nurse in a hospital. There is so much corruption in this sphere too that Prema works for free. No, not for free, she, in fact, pays the hospital a thousand rupees a month to work for them. She needs the experience to get a job in the Gulf. Nobody would employ her without experience. 

Study these studies (as they say in management jargon) and decide for yourself what goes on in Kerala.


ms said...

this state in kerala, one of the most progressive in the country, is quite apalling. if this neglect continues, it will slide into chaos and crime, like the rest of india. the people are working and educating themselves to get jobs in the gulf. most hospitals in india have only keralites as nursing staff and patients trust them more since their dedication to the ill and suffering is legendary. but we cannot compete with the dinar.

atlasshrugged said...

Till the time AS-IS state is defined and realized properly, there is no use in designing the To-BE processes. One must know where he is standing to move forward and this is the tragedy with the govt.
(As they say in words of management jargon)