Saturday, December 04, 2010

"What You Do in Privacy of Home Is Your Business" Rules Bombay High Court

Watching porn in privacy of home or hotel isn't criminal offense as ruled by Bombay High Court in its landmark judgment. A friend was once caught with some soft porn material and was threatened with punishment and was asked to pay up. That's how these things work in India. This blogger thinks the judgment is landmark and important. Only if it is performed for a public audience is it an offense, Judge Tahilramani ruled.

This would also bring respite (I hope) for people who have been threatened with action in case of watching online internet porn. The Cyber Laws of India is a bit vague about this. This site is a good reference for those interested. It also states that e-mails are accepted as a valid form of carrying out communications in India:

"The Act [Cyber Law] legalizes the e-mail and gives it the status of being valid form of carrying out communication in India . This implies that e-mails can be duly produced and approved in a court of law , thus can be a regarded as substantial document to carry out legal proceedings."

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